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1. Services from slower place

(hereinafter: SP)


SP rents out the accommodation presented on the website at the prices and conditions stated on the website. The contract for renting the rooms is concluded directly between you and SP.


2. Booking process


You use the online option and send your reservation request or you can ask SP for details and advice over the phone. After booking you will receive a confirmation email. If you send the reservation request, you have not yet made a binding booking. The booking is only binding for both parties when you receive a confirmation email from SP. This creates a contractual relationship between you and SP.


3. Information about the object


The information about the accommodation on our website serves to describe it and is formulated to the best of our knowledge and belief. Depending on the season, pictorial representations may deviate from the current state at the time of your stay. The agreed rental price includes all ancillary costs such as electricity, heating, water and the proper use of the existing furniture and equipment and the final cleaning by SP.


4. Linens and towels


Bed linen and towels are available on site and included in the price.


5. Internet/Electricity


SP offers you free wireless Internet access for individual use. devices such as mobile phones, SP will not provide any laptop/computer or other peripherals. Sockets for the commissioning of chargers and other network-dependent small consumers such as radios or razors are available.


6. water


Due to its basic structural character, the accommodation is only supplied by a low-capacity cold water connection. In cold weather with temperatures below zero, it may be necessary to turn off the running water to protect the systems from frost damage. In this case, insulated containers for hot/cold water are available to the guest.


7. Meals


SP offers full food and beverage service. Cooking or other types of preparation by heating meals or food you have brought with you is not permitted and is also not necessary. A kettle is available for preparing hot drinks such as tea or coffee.


8. Washer/Dryer


Unless otherwise agreed, guests are not permitted to use the washing machine and dryer. For long-term stays, washing machine and dryer can be used after consultation with SP.


9. Terms of Payment


Unless otherwise agreed, you do not have to pay a deposit when booking through SP's website. After your booking has been confirmed, you will receive an invoice from SP at the e-mail address you provided. In this case, you pay the cost of the overnight stay and any other services.


For payment, you have the option of transferring the full amount immediately. Otherwise you can transfer 50% after receiving the invoice and another 50% no later than 2 weeks before the planned arrival date. The reservation is only binding when at least 50% of the total amount has been received on the bank account specified in the invoice.


Your desired length of stay will be blocked for you in our calendar for 7 days. If no payment is received within this period, the calendar will be re-opened for bookings. Please contact us if you have any questions or ambiguities in this regard.


10. Cancellation


You can cancel your booking, which has been confirmed by us and already paid by you, free of charge up to 7 days before your planned arrival. In case you are affected by restrictions related to accidents, illnesses or other massive problems that prevent your travel at the planned time of your stay, you have the possibility to postpone the booking date to another available date in consultation with us. We will definitely find a solution.


11. Arrival / Departure


Unless otherwise stated, we welcome you on the day of arrival from 3 p.m. On the day of departure we are at your disposal until 10:00 a.m. On the day of arrival, please inform SP of your expected arrival time by phone/SMS in good time. The accommodation will be handed over clean by SP, please leave it in a tidy condition.


12. Use of Accommodation


Only those named at the time of booking may be accommodated in SP's accommodation. Other or more persons than those named in the contract can be rejected by SP. It is imperative that you inform SP immediately if you intend to accommodate or invite other people or more than those specified in the contract to the property.

13. Smoking


Smoking in the rented accommodation is not permitted. In the outdoor area and in the garden, however, this possibility exists. Please avoid pollution with paraphernalia or litter related to smoking.


14. Termination


SP is entitled to terminate the contract with immediate effect and to demand the immediate vacating and handover of the accommodation if you breach your duty of care. Such a case exists in particular if you damage the rented accommodation, its furnishings, equipment or any system connected with it and/or seriously violate the usual guidelines or continue the violation even after a warning.


15. Miscellaneous

     ***  It is not allowed to climb further up the tree from the terrace of              the tree house. Please inform present children accordingly.


     ***  The same applies to the use of the mechanical elevator. Its                      operation is left only to the staff.


     ***  The adjoining garden can be used to relax, to linger or for                        children to do limited sporting activities (badminton, ball                        games). If you are interested in further activities, please let                      us know.


     ***  If you have problems with the mobile toilet (level, malfunction),              please inform us immediately.


     ***  Please report defects in the rented accommodation immediately.

            Otherwise, you may be charged for any damage.

* * * 

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

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