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we are a little family - a Vietnamese mother, a German father and two happy and cheerful boys as a result of a longstanding strong love. After living for a few years together in a big city in Germany, we moved more or less spontaneously to the countryside in Denmark.

One day we searched for a place, where we can settle down to make really home for us and a nice environment for our children to grow up. We came to the countryside and here we saw the real beauties of life. We found a little house, which we felt in love with at the first sight. It´s not perfect, no, it is an old house, imperfect but beautiful in his own way, practical and has its own charm. We found out immediately that the house matches perfectly to us with a little workshop for the father to repair and create things, a big garden for the children to run and play and a beautiful place, where the mother can work and dream. There we even found an imposing tree for building a treehouse with open view to the wide fields around. We have made this dream coming true, which almost everyone dreams of in their youth. 

We have really settled down to our new country living. Here we understand, who we are and what we really like to do. We feel so free in this place in the countryside. We are happy here for the first time in our life. If you could capture a picture of us now, it would show how the children run wild and free on the field exploring the world, you could see how mother cooks Vietnamese soul food in our green garden and father creates practical wooden artworks in his workshop, sometimes he also repairs something on or in the house. People from the cities come to us and enjoy the country life with authentic Vietnamese food. Some funny chicken and goose run around and wait to be lift up in our arms. 


Now we are living here idyllically on an island in our own house, where always is something to do or to improve, in the middle of nature with good country air, surrounded by many different wild living animals. In the neighborhood, there are a lot of beautiful forests, magical lakes as well as small port towns and old fisher villages. For us it is possible to have a short holiday every day. If we have some hours free, we can spontaneous pack our picnic basket and drive to the sea or to another small island. We keep rediscovering the beauty of the island we live on as we walk the long paths along the coast. 

Together with our guests, we share our joy about little things in the country life. In the evening, we can gather by the bonfire telling life stories or just watching the dance of the flames. There is nothing more relaxing than this. We also can watch a romantic movie in our tiny cozy forest cinema between trees and candlelight.

You are very welcomed to spend a few days here with us in the countryside and experience the tranquility and closeness to nature for yourselves. 

We speak English, German, Danish and Vietnamese.

For further information, please contact us by e-mail, phone or make a request using the contact form.



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