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 do you need retreat?

would you like...

                                               spend a few days of tranquility in the countryside, far away from work, obligations and appointments, withdrawn in the middle of nature? Do your body and mind need a phase of quietness, relaxation and regeneration? If so, or you dream about unforgettable holiday for you and your beloved ones, please step out of your ordinary life and just come to us to enjoy the beauties of a simple country living and get more connected to the nature.

Maybe you are looking for a unique gift as a treasured memory for family or friends because of their anniversary, a festive occasion or just as a nice surprise. Maybe our gift card is the right thing for that.

On our treehouse retreat we provide the experience of staying in our unique treehouse with additional luxuries and bespoke services, which is difficult to find elsewhere. All meals and drinks are served inclusive, so you don’t have to go shopping for the basics and you´ll get free mind for your precious hours of togetherness. There are also various included options for activities, experiences and entertainment.

In this way, you will have additional time to just enjoy the complete retreat from everyday life with good food and relaxing activities. We are sincere and would like to share our beautiful country life with you! Our aim is to give you a wonderful experience and unforgettable magical...

...memories of your lifetime

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