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treehouse retreat


To live on a tree is something very special and an art of slow living. Let step out of your daily life and come to us for some days enjoying the simple life in a treehouse on an old beech of about 200 years. This is a unique experience, the fulfillment of a extraordinary dream for someone, who feels attracted of treehouse magic, the nature and simple outdoor living. But this kind of relaxing is also perfect for people, who works and lives in hectic and crowded cities and would like to get more connected to the nature. But beyond that, this little retreat offers a place for reflection and calm in a time of ever-present demands. Here you can enjoy the day without the crowds, shops and stressful city noise, but with rural sounds and countryside tranquility. Hear the birds singing and listen to the rustling of the leaves. Although only few steps from the ground, you will feel here off-grid and... 

...far away from anywhere.




In these days you live in a little green wooden cabin up on an old tree. Up there you will wake up in the sunrise early together with the birds.  We serve healthy home cooking for all meals of the day. With a small hand-operated crane we will lift the meals up to you. With some patience you can admire other animals, who live on and around the tree. But that's not all, you will find pleasure in this kind of simple living up on the tree. Here everything is practical and functional, but small and just made with love, creativity and care in every detail.


During your stay with us you will sleep in a small but comfortable bed with sun-dried linens. A small ladder leads up to a cozy sleeping nook for children, where you have a wonderful view and fresh air from three windows. There are also sockets and lamps for reading. Inside the cabin there is also electrical light, a little wash basin with running cold water, two removable tables and chairs for dinner or work, sockets for chargers and a modern toilet with electrical flushing. The cabin has an environmentally friendly, self-regulating infrared heating. No matter what the weather is like, whether sunny and windless, could and windy or rainy and stormy with dark clouds, you always feel protected, safe and very cozy in our treehouse.


Curious to try something very special? - on the terrace you can have a outdoor hot shower under the leaves by the bird singing, which provides an uniqe feeling of an unadulterated, natural way to care for your mind and body. Up there you find rattan chairs for reading or chilling and a table for a delicious glas of wine in the evening under a subtle romantic lantern lighting. For more coziness we have a nice little wood stove outside where you can make a crackling fire yourself. Put a can of coffee on and if the horses on the pasture under the tree come closer and happen to neigh... will get a real wild-west-feeling. 

This retreat is suitable for one person, a couple or a little family with up to two children, who want celebrate their love, their honey moon, their anniversary, their birthday or whatever a special occasion for them in an extraordinary place. On this tiny place, which is unconnected with the stressful world, you will have the best opportunity to bond to each other, to feel the togetherness better than ever as well as to make precious memories of life together.


It is also possible for a group of up to 4 adults, who would like to enjoy their old friendship in an adventurous atmosphere and make an childhood´s dream coming true. In this case two of them should be aware that they have to climb up to the upper sleeping area which is primary designed for kids. 

what is included

what is included


Your retreat includes all meals, snacks and drinks during your stay. In addition, other activities are available, which you can use as you wish, depending on your mood, time and weather conditions. There are the following options included in the price:

  • romantic tandem tour for two - (explore the nature nearby with our tandem bicycle. Picnic basket, blanket, catering package, navigation system and a trailer are included)

  • open-air film night in our tiny forest cinema - (choose between classics, nature, excitement, humor and adventure)

  • homemade authentic three course Vietnamese dinner up on the tree

  • slow cooked lunch (possible from two nights) - we will set a beautiful table and you enjoy the delicious meals with fantastic views

  • cozy gathering around the campfire - (in the evening, we can sit by the bonfire and let circling our thoughts, telling life storys, drinking a glass of wine, watching the dance of flames). There is no better way to relax

  • picnic in the woods or by the creek

  • warm outdoor shower up on the wooden terrace, listening to the birds' songs

  • minimalist relaxing hot tub bath in a hidden corner between bushes, enjoying a glass of wine

  • from the treehouse you can admire amazing sunrises and sunsets with their magic play of colors on the horizon

  • during a night walk on nearby traffic-free paths in the vicinity, you can watch the moon and the stars in complete darkness and silence. Let your thoughts run free and enjoy this new experience

  • you regenerate while having a healthy and relaxing sleep without any disturbing noise or light 

  • morning walk along an untouched creek, exploring the natural beauties

  • Lie under a green canopy and read a book that you would love to read since years

On your escape you can explore also the beautiful idyll of the island, hiking on the long path along the coast. There is the sea with healthy fresh air and many small islands around, you can observe the seabirds, watching their fantastic flight maneuvers. There are also beautiful forests, magical lakes as well as old castles. In the immediate vicinity is the famous Egeskov Slot which is always worth to visit. You can explore old fisher villages and small port towns to find varied cultural activities for your daily adventures.


For more adventures you can order our additional offers (depending on the weather / subject to charge, please order 2 days in advance):

  • relaxing Vietnamese cooking workshop in the back garden

  • luxury horse-drawn carriage ride across the countryside with picnic and coachman

  • foto shooting




adult: 240 € / night

child (4-17 years): 120 € / night

(child 0-3 years free)



If you only wish to stay overnight in our treehouse without dinner and other personal service, the prices are reduced as follows:

adult: 175 € / night (breakfast included)

child (4-17 years): 85 € / night (breakfast included)

In this case please contact us.

All informations about how to book and to pay you´ll find here. 

check in/check out


We are happy to welcome you on the day of arrival from 3 p.m. On your departure day we are at your disposal until 10 a.m.



Due to the access to the tree house via a long steep ladder and the generally limited size of the object, we do not recommend booking for:


  • People with physical mobility restrictions

  • People with chronic vertigo or balance problems

  • People with weight over 110 kg or height over 195 cm

Otherwise young people / groups under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

It is not permitted to take pets of any kind onto the tree or into the treehouse.

We thank you for your understanding.

We strongly recommend you to purchase travel insurance through a third party to cover the retreat in the event of unforeseen exceptional circumstances such as natural disasters, health problems and accidents. 

Participation in the retreat and its price does not include any kind of insurance!


If you are unsure or have any questions, please contact us.

We will reply as soon as possible.

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