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we are a little family - a Vietnamese mother, a German father and two happy and cheerful boys as a result of a longstanding strong love. After living for a few years together in a big city in Germany, we moved more or less spontaneously to the countryside in Denmark.


Here we searched for a place, where we can settle down to make really home for us and a nice environment for our children to grow up. We came to the countryside and here we found a little house, which we felt in love with at the first sight.


In our Garden there is a imposing tree which gave the possibility to build a little treehouse with open view to the wide fields around. We have made this dream coming true, which almost everyone dreams of in their youth.


People from cities all over the world come to us and enjoy country life combined with the hostess' homemade, authentic and delicious Vietnamese food. In our neighbourhood, there are a lot of beautiful forests and lakes as well as small port towns and old fisher villages.

Together with our guests, we share our joy about little things in the country life. In the evening, we can gather by the bonfire telling life stories or just watching the dance of the flames. There is nothing more relaxing than this.


You are very welcomed to spend a few days here with us in the countryside and experience the tranquility and closeness to nature for yourselves. 

We speak English, German, Danish and Vietnamese.

For further information, please contact us by e-mail, phone or make a request using the contact form.



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