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we all live...

                   a modern time. Today's world is full of practical innovations and inconspicuous little helpers that are supposed to relieve people of their work or make it easier. They are designed to help us carrying out the diverse tasks of everyday life as efficiently as possible. You are globally networked, share your thoughts and projects with people all over the world via blogs and all kinds of modern media. You talk to displays, share your needs with them, eat thoughtlessly fast food made from dubious ingredients while walking through technologically awash metropolises


At the same time, you can listen to music on headphones, write messages to friends or business partners, read the latest news on the internet and be constantly sprinkled by the current flood of advertising in all imaginable forms. In restaurants, people often sit together silently at the table, their eyes are fixed on their cell phones, their fingers slide and tap frantically on the screen. From time to time they fork a bite from their plates into their mouths, perhaps without knowing what they're actually eating.


Some people like it, some are addicted to this life of multitasking fever, others just need this flood of information and requirements because they can never rest. Many of these people clearly show typical symptoms, which are caused by such overuse and abuse of their senses. This is manifested by hypersensitivity, insomnia, nervousness, aggression and irritability, permanent malaise and generally borderline behavior. In worse cases, myocardial infarction knocks on the door, you suffer a nervous breakdown or run amok in an uncontrolled manner. There have been plenty of examples of this in recent years. Some sufferers do not notice the physical damage, consider this permanent condition to be normal and try to control their well-being and limit the suffering by taking a variety of dubious pharmaceutical products.


On the other hand, there are also people who prefer an orderly life in peace and contemplation and strive to reduce the permanent level of stress to an essential minimum. They know the harmful influences and side effects of modern life and actively try to circumvent them consciously and to compensate for unavoidable impairments through phases of rest and reflection.



What is more suitable for this than a retreat in the countryside, where you can enjoy the nature and observe wild animals. Where it is allowed to do nothing at all, even if almost everyone initially feels that this is unusual and stressful. You relax with good food and healthy air, come to rest and maybe notice for the first time the many small wonders of nature on a leisurely walk in the forest.


In the sky above the canopy of a forest you can see

a bird of prey gliding silently...

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